👨‍💻 Squircle CE is a fast and free multi-language code editor for Android


Apache License 2.0

<b>Squircle CE</b> currently supports coding in the following programming languages: ActionScript, C, C++, C#, Groovy, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Json, Julia, Kotlin, Lisp, Lua, Markdown, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shell, Smali, SQL, Toml, TypeScript, Visual Basic, XML and YAML.

Here is a list of features that will help you work with more productivity:

<b>Syntax Highlighting</b>

Beautiful syntax highlighting provides you a better way to understand your code at a glance

<b>Code Completion</b>

The code editor provides basic completion based on a file content, it suggests names of functions, fields, and keywords within your file scope

<b>File Manager</b>

A built-in file manager with SFTP/FTP(S) integration provides a convenient way to transfer files between mobile phone and computer

<b>Cross-session Editing</b>

All your changes automatically will be saved in cache, you don't need to save file every time you exit app

<b>Unlimited Undo/Redo</b>

If you made a mistake or you want to fall back to the source code you edited yesterday, simply use «Undo» button

<b>Highlight Matching Delimiters</b>

When you work with code in the editor, it can help you quickly understand code structure by highlighting the opening or closing delimiter ((), [], and {}) when you set the caret at its pair

<b>Code Style</b>

Squircle CE provides a better way to write your code, the editor will automatically indent lines, close open brackets, braces and quotes

<b>Select, Delete, and Duplicate Line</b>

You can easily delete or clone a part of code using handsome options in «Edit» menu

<b>Color Schemes</b>

Different color schemes defines syntax highlighting for reserved words and other symbols in your source code: operators, keywords, suggestions, string literals, and so on


<b>•</b> <u>http://github.com/massivemadness/Squircle-CE</u>



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