Scan food products or their barcode to obtain data on ingredients, additives,

allergens, nutrition facts…

The app allows to view the 1.500.000 products already contained in the free and open database Open Food Facts.

More importantly, it also lets you easily be part of the solution:

* contribute pictures and data for missing products

* team up with the Open Food Facts Artificial Intelligence by answering its blue questions

You will get:

* The Nutri-Score grade, from A to E : Nutritional quality

* NOVA groups, from 1 to 4 : Avoid ultra-processed foods (Group 4)

* CO2 levels and Eco-Score: find the environmental impact of food

* Vegan, vegetarian and palm-oil detector

* Allergens, labels (bio, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher ...), traceability information (packaging codes, origins of ingredients).

To discover the Open Food Facts and Open Beauty Facts projects and help us open food and cosmetics,

please visit <a href=""></a> where you can discover how to contribute.



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