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Automatically record your working sessions thanks to geolocation. Improve life-work balance with comprehensive work reports, break suggestions, and target achievements. Of course, include a remote work mode. Feel free to contact us, we love to receive your feedback!• Automatic mode: After defining work and home locations, the application records your work sessions and the distance of work-home trips.• Manual mode: For remote workers, manually start/end your work sessions. Use NFC tag associated with iOS shortcuts for easy check-in-out.• Synthetic Reports: The recorded data is visible in the application and exportable as CSV spreadsheet or a beautiful synthetic PDF.• Recording of breaks: A fast and intuitive interface allows you to quickly record the breaks taken. When the break ends when you start a break with a predefined duration (and be notified at the end). When you do not want to record manually your breaks, define an arbitrary daily break time and break time is deducted in proportion to the daily work time.• Smart notifications: on request, the app can suggest when it's time to take a break or micro-break (relaxation without leaving the workplace). Be notified when the daily and weekly work target is reached.• Feedback annotation: As there is more to a day than the number of hours, you can express your feelings on each day spent at work. The analysis of the results will be more relevant.• Manual Editing: It is always possible a posteriori to modify a work session or a break.• iOS to the end: Widget, Siri & Shortcuts, and soon more to come.



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